Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Truth Behind Insomnia Cookies

Five reasons why you should never go to Insomnia Cookies

1. The cookies aren't made at the place at all. They are pre-made, pre-formed, frozen cookies which are bought by the case from David's wholesale. (www.davidscookies.com). They are bought for around $28/case, and each case has 140 cookies in them. So basically, a cookie that costs 20 cents is being sold for $1.00. If you ask me, that's quite a rip-off.

2. The cookies are very, very, very bad for you. The company gets many requests for nutrition facts of the cookies, but they simply ignore everyone's request knowing that they are bad for you. I remember seeing a label on a case, and each cookie is about 400-500 calories; depending on which kind you would like. So, the next time you order some, keep that in mind. Each one also has around 15g of SATURATED fat, and they also contain TRANS-FAT, which is the worst kind that you can get.

3. The company is dead broke. There have been numerous instances which payroll checks have bounced back. I remember one time myself where I had three consecutive payroll checks bounced back, and replacement checks from different bank accounts which have bounced back. However, the owner of the company can still find a way to pay himself around $200,000 a year in salary. I remember that the owner was trying to sway investors in investing in the company, but thankfully they never did. I would have felt bad for these investors because the owner would rather hog the money for himself, than give any kind of raise to any employee, whether it would be a regular worker, or a management job.

4. The owner is a complete cheapskate. During my time as a manager there, nobody at the stores which I managed was allowed to get a raise; not even employees that were with us for over a year. When asked if I were to give a raise to an employee, I was told to "just let them go" instead. I don't know about any of you, but it's a very hard thing to do to "let go" employees of yours that have been busting their hump for over a year for you.... especially for $8 an hour. Still, the owner pays himself around $200,000 a year in salary. I have talked to employees of other stores and nobody ever got a raise; the owner would rather just “let go” anyone who asks for one.

5. The owner is racist. At one of my stores, I had two black males working for us and he would always ask me questions to the such as “are they good workers?”, “do you think the one is stealing money from us?”, “do they show up to work on time?”. I was never asked any kind of question like this about any other employer; only the two black one’s that I had working at the one store.